Why You Should Care
Diversity Improves Financial Performance
A body of research reveals that companies with high levels of cultural and gender diversity are more innovative and have higher revenue, larger market share, and better employee retention. McKinsey estimates that moving towards gender parity could increase global GDP by $12 trillion in the next 10 years.
Financial Returns
According to a 2015 study by Mckinsey & Company, companies that are in the top quartile for diversity have a better chance of receiving above average financial returns than companies that lack diversity.
Successful Startups
Bloomberg conducted an analysis of 20,000 venture-backed startups and found that successful tech startups have twice as many women in senior positions as unsuccessful startups.

Capital Efficiency
Technology companies led by women are more capital-efficient, achieving 35% higher ROI.

Operating Results
Large companies with more women in leadership performed significantly better financially with a 41% higher ROE and 56% better operating results.
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